How can I help?

1. How you can help!

To enable us to support the children´s village in Riobamba on a long-term basis your help and assistance is needed.
Together we can make changes.

Join us:

– in prayer
– with financial contributions (one time or on a regular basis)
– with charity work

Help us make this project known to many. Talk to us. We would be pleased to offer an information session in your company or your church. We are looking forward to hear from you.

1.1  Recurring Donations

Would you like to help us support the children´s village on a long-term basis?
With your regular financial contributions you enable us to provide a solid foundation and a good basis for further planning.
With a standing order which you can change or cancel anytime you have control over the amount and also the frequency.  At the beginning of each new year you will receive an itemized statement of your giving for the previous year. In order to receive this, it is important you include your name and address when setting up a standing order or include it here on our form.

Thank you very much.

1.2.     Child Sponsorship

For the vision to become a reality we depend on regular donations to help us cover the running costs of the children´s village.
For just €30 a month you can sponsor a child.
As a sponsor, you help cover the costs for food, clothing, medical care and all that “your“ child needs.
A single person or a group of people such as a school class or an association can sponsor a child.
You can also get in touch with “your” child. This is very important. Through this the children experience that someone across the globe cares for them.

1.3.     Financial donations instead of personal gifts

You may be planning a large private celebration (a birthday or an anniversary) and would like to use the opportunity to ask your guests to support a non-profit Charity such as Immanuel-International e.V . Instead of personal gifts you could ask your guests for a financial gift to support our children´s village in Riobamba.

Contact us.

We will gladly provide you with info material and flyers, so that your guests know exactly which cause they are supporting with their financial gift.
We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the different ways of how this can be done.

1.4. Legacy gifts

To help the children in need you may like to leave your financial assets or a part of your assets with Immanuel-International e. V.
As a non-profit organization we are exempted from inheritance tax. If you need any more information just contact us.

1.5. Children helping children

The following fundraising ideas are used by many teachers, parents, students and churches in different schools in Germany.
With a common goal young people can present their creative ideas and organizational skills and put them to work for a good cause. Often this leads to excitement and strong team work among students.

Here are a few examples as to how children can actively help:

  • a project day at school / church about Ecuador
  • Charity Run
  • an article in the school magazine / church letter about us
  • Cakes sales at school or church events
  • class sponsorship
  • Charity concert or theatre
  • Flea market

Of course there are lots of other ways to raise funds. Let your imagination run free!

We welcome suggestions and will support you with advice wherever we can.

1.6. Companies

Many companies support social projects, particularly towards the end of the year.
This can be done in different ways.

For example:

  • With a financial donation instead of christmas presents for customers and business partners. It saves time and resources
  • By giving 1% or 1 € for every product  they  sold to us as financial donation
  • By placing our link  on their website
  • By displaying our leaflets and  by placing a money box in their company
  • In intranet or in the worker´s company paper

1.7. Your contacts

Perhaps you have good connections to a company, a school, a church, newspaper or a publishing company?
Show them our work or make it possible for us to introduce our Charity to them.
Alone we cannot achieve anything, but together we are strong!

1.8. Practical help

You have time and are interested in getting actively involved?
Then please get in touch with us. Together we will be able to discuss with you and find a suitable area where you can volunteer with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.