How it all began

How one dollar ($) can change the world

On a visit to Ecuador, my wife´s native country, I was shocked to see so much poverty among the children. Just imagine a destitute eight-year old boy, with tears in his eyes holding a bunch of half-faded flowers or a few tomatoes in his hand (which he probably stole).  He stands before you begging and saying

“Por favor, … solo 1 Dollar!”

(“Please,  just 1 dollar !”)

Seeing desperation in his eyes you give him the dollar and tell him to keep the flowers for others. Turning around and there stands another child..…and another and another.  You could give away all your money on a single day. The very next day, all these children are there again. The situation remains the same. Nothing has changed!

My wife and I asked ourselves the following question:
“What shall we do about this?
..….look away…..or….bring about change….?”

Our hearts told us we have to change things positively here. Thus, the vision of Immanuel-International e.V. was born.
Every single dollar is used to improve the living conditions of these children. With this we can create a foundation for a brighter and promising future.